As your business consultant I will endeavor to provide the best possible professional services, consultation, coaching, support and recommendations for those areas of concern that you have identified are most important to you and the ultimate success of your business and future self.

In order to achieve your desired business success, we will start by assessing where you are with your business and then establish where you want to be.  We will design an action plan and will work together to implement this plan.  Along the way, we will also most likely uncover some hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your effectiveness and we will work together to create solutions.

We will be using both the art and science that are behind successful businesses.    Whether you are just starting a business or have been in business for awhile, the essential components for a business are:

  • Sales and Revenue Growth – Successful businesses around the world are the ones who pay close attention to their revenue numbers.  Do you know your numbers?  Do you know how to use them to measure performance and trends?  Are you using them?  Why not?
  • Time Management – You will never have enough time if you don’t actually manage it.  Time is finite (incidentally, money is not).
  • Marketing and Client Development – Customers buy for value, cost, customer service and because they know and trust you.  If you are getting known for doing it right, they may tell one or two people; but if you do it wrong, they will tell ten and may even go public (yikes!).  Your business cannot afford to get this piece even a little wrong.  Are you getting it right?
  • Cash Flow and Money Management Strategies – This key element is another area that plays a huge role in the financial health of your business.  Again, do you know your numbers?  Are you using them?  Why not?
  • Systemizing & Streamlining Infrastructures – Cumbersome, outdated or ineffective administrative systems not only cost us money, they cost us time.  Today’s technology and business models can and will save you both time and money.  Administrative overhead should always be balanced against what it actually provides and what it costs.
  • Leadership & Culture Development – Are you an enthusiastic leader for your business?  How do your employees view you (if you have them)?  How do your customers view you (I hope you have them)?  The kind of business we have and who we are in the world has become increasingly more important to both our customers and our employees.  Do you have a brand? Culture? Are you communicating clearly?  Do you want to do better?
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