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“Lorna provided more than just financial advice. She helped me restructure the entire business. Now the telephone just keeps ringing and ringing.”
san luis obispo business coach review
Mike Munger
White Flag Pest Control
"I am so glad I decided to invest in myself and my business by taking this very informative class [The 20 Minute CFO]. I learned so much about organizing my workload, understanding my finances, bookkeeping, taxes, employees, and ways to increase my revenue & productivity in my current business. Not only has my overall income increased, more importantly, my enthusiasm and excitement about my own business has rocketed. I've created so many new things and am planning more for the future. Thanks Lorna, you have changed not only my business but my life!"
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Savana Rose Woods
Authenticity Marketing
“I reached out to Lorna in a moment of desperation when I really didn't know who to turn to. Lorna was able to *immediately* understand the complexities of the situation and I could tell by the questions she asked during our first conversation that she was going to be an absolute asset to me, so I enlisted her services right then and there. Not only was she able to provide essential guidance regarding the verbiage of my email communication and help me understand what was being communicated back, but she also provided a level of mental and emotional support that was equally as crucial to me at that time. Lorna is an asset, an expert, and a secret weapon to anyone experiencing a business challenge or negotiation. I would recommend her ten times over, especially if you are a woman in business who needs some extra support in your corner.”
Testimonials 2
Amira Albonni
Grateful Ghee
"A shout out to Lorna Whiteaker @Business Beyond the Shoe Box. She just helped me tremendously. She has been fabulous during this time period offering information as resources become available. I feel so fortunate to have been able to connect with her. She has been completely accessible, and thoroughly helpful offering support without hesitation. I would of missed this boat without her timely connection. I am so in awe of her, and all of the business organization leaders in SLO county right now!"
business consultant in san luis obispo
Heidi Lee
Far West Acupuncture
“Every small business owner should know their numbers and Lorna is a very person to learn from because she explains how and why the numbers are important in a way anyone can understand. I highly recommend Lorna for any QuickBooks questions you have.”
Testimonials 3
Mike Stewart
Techez PC Repairs and Virus Cleaning
These past several months have been perhaps the most challenging time ever for me. I was faced with a complex business issue and after stressing for over 6 weeks about it, losing sleep, etc., I reached out to Valerie Mercado from our local Pismo Beach Chamber of Commerce. Within minutes, Val hooked me up with Lorna Whiteaker and her “Business Beyond the Shoe box”. Lorna’s business savvy is unparalleled to me and I highly recommend her as an asset to other businesses here on the Central Coast who are faced with any challenges whatsoever. She’s not only extremely reasonable, but she’s also a person you definitely want as part your team! Thank you Lorna and Val!
Testimonials 4
Tim Twomey
"Working with Lorna has taken the guess work out of the “how to” start my business with her no nonsense approach. I feel empowered and able to put my plan into action due to Lorna’s clear and simple strategies. Lorna’s thought provoking questions has enabled me to clarify my message in a succinct manner. Lorna’s listening ability and compassion to recognize and overcome blocks guides the path to greater achievement and success. Having Lorna on my team has assisted me in taking my dream of creating a business I love to shaping it into reality one step at a time."
how to start a business testimonial
Susan Mercer
Modern Outlooks
"Lorna is not only my business and financial advisor she is my life coach.  Through our meetings she has been able to simplify my business operations, which in turn has improved my personal life.  At the end of each of our sessions I feel at peace and I my objectives are clear.  If I need to chat on the phone with Lorna briefly she is always available or returns my calls within 15 minutes.  I have already recommended her to many of my business colleagues and would gladly recommend her to you.  If you want to call or email me for a reference before working with Lorna I would gladly take the time.  Just ask Lorna for my contact information."
san luis obispo business coach review
Joe Patterson, P.E.
Road Scouts
“Lorna is the smartest, most pleasant and down to earth person I have worked with over the years and I am so glad that I have her on my side. Also, she is a very trustworthy person. I don’t know what I would do without her!”
san luis obispo business coach review
Alice Wynn
SA Wynn Transcription
"Lorna is great. She is always patient and has shown me how to keep my records in a simple, straightforward way. She taught me the ABC’s of bookkeeping and helps me by keeping my money and business on track."
san luis obispo business coach review
Jim DeLaby, PGA
Jim DeLaby Golf Instruction
"Lorna is a masterful enthusiast who knows how to communicate the underpinnings of success. The signature of simplicity that she brings to effect positive changes in my S-Corp have been astounding. If you are seeking someone to assist you in the building of your business from the ground up, (business plan, bookkeeping, tax filing, presentation of self, assessment of your business) I can assure you that Lorna will help you reach your dreams."
san luis obispo business coach review
Cecilia Koester, MEd
Movement Based Learning
“Lorna’s advantage over any similar financial coach is that she is so very patient, knowledgeable and approachable. I used Lorna to help me get started with QuickBooks for my small business. She helped me ‘unlearn’ a few things, then got me started on the most effective way to us it for my business. She responds to questions (both in person and virtually) very thoroughly and always with an offer to go into more detail if requested. I recommend that you call Lorna now to have a discussion about how she can help your business.”
business coach testimonial
Carol Chenot
"Lorna was able (impressively fast) to come in and straighten a year’s mess in a short time. Her willingness to listen and get to actionable resolutions is outstanding. Her big three concepts – have to, need to and want to – are so profound and universal, I taught them to my seven year old. That concept has literally changed the way I see money. I now think about it every time before opening my wallet."
san luis obispo business coach review
Glynn Albert Trolz
Trolz Productions
"Lorna Is what I have nicknamed "The PRO". If you are starting from the beginning and are lost about how to navigate through Quick Books , Lorna is your girl. She really cares about owners understanding their business. She is patient, clear and molds to your specific needs. She took me to the next level fast. It was not till I linked up with her, did I start to feel comfortable on my own. I recommend her 100% every time. Thank you Lorna!"
Testimonials 5
Candace Dobbin‎
5 Diamond Plumbing
"Lorna is truly phenomenal at helping business owners. She is extremely flexible and has helped me with a range of topics from time management, better financial functionality, and overall working smarter and efficiently. Finding balance as a business owner can be hard but with Lornas help I'm learning how I can be successful in business and still do all the other things I love in life!"
Testimonials 6
Elaine Estrada
“Lorna provided me with the structure and organization that is necessary when planning to start your own business. When I first conceived my business idea and made the decision to go for it, my knowledge and understanding of all that would be involved and the different steps needed was a jumbled mess in my brain. There is a lot of information out there that you can google. But there is not one website that structures and breaks everything down in a way that feels achievable the way that Lorna did. I went into that first meeting not knowing what a business plan was or even what my long term vision was. Lorna addresses all of these details that are crucial in the success of any type of business. Because of her experience, knowledge, and guidance, my business started off without a hitch. My company has now been in business for only one year, and I am already making plans for growth and expansion that I didn’t think would be possible until my 5th year. I highly recommend consulting with Lorna before making any sort of business endeavor. It will be the best business decision you ever made.”
business success testimonial
Renee Periat
Androgynous Fox
“Lorna is so knowledgeable! She has helped me answer questions that nobody else has been able to answer. She is also very kind in her communication. She has been able to help me with so much! I recommend her highly!”
business consultant in san luis obispo
Jessica Zerolis
Masterpiece Hair Studio
"Lorna is A-Mazing! I don't usually care for anything with numbers but she made accounting relatable and intriguing. She knows her stuff! I enjoyed her workshop and appreciate her straight-to-the-point answers and advice. I want more! Thank you Lorna for all your support and patience. Forever grateful, Cathy."
Testimonials 7
Cathy Bernal
America Packing Source
"Thank you for yet another extremely informative email. It was very nice speaking with you today, and I’m glad to hear all is well with you. I truly appreciate your time and expertise in answering questions regarding my business during these challenging times. I’m very glad I reached out to you. I’ve had great respect and fondness for you since I was able to successfully represent you as my client back in 2007, and I thank you again for your trust. Since that time, I’ve been very impressed with all that you have done with your own business. It is not easy to find people who operate the way we do, truly caring and putting clients first, particularly considering the importance of what we both do for our clients. Your integrity, confidence and positive nature has always been inspiring to me, and no doubt a huge asset to your business and your clients. I am thankful to have been able to reconnect with you today, and to benefit from your tremendous knowledge, wisdom and kindness."
Testimonials 8
Dave Wolloch
Real Estate Broker

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