MoneySmart Momentum Program

MoneySmart Momentum Program 1

The MoneySmart Momentum Program is the go-to coaching package for my clients who are invested in having a business they love and looking to create more financial and personal breakthroughs.  

Businesses built on the timeless foundations of profitability deliver predictable and sustainable financial reward.  If you are looking for how you can take your business to the next level and produce extraordinary results, this is the program for you.  

Having a business you love and one that loves you back takes consistency and growth on your part.  Together, we will address any area of concern so that you get exactly the help you need when you need it.  As you strengthen your business skills and financial savvy, you will find you have become more confident and able to trust in your abilities. Being able to respond more quickly when things arise allows you to remain more focused, more action based and more effective… no matter what gets thrown at you.  You will easily be able to set goals based on your priorities, know which next steps are right for you, and unleash the potential of your business.  

Having a profitable business that’s easy to run will allow you to take back your time so you can have a business and… a life you love! 

What you’ll get:

  • Training and Coaching: 12 sessions, every-other-week, over 6 months to grow your business.
  • Topics can include: Time management and productivity, Financial infrastructures and skills, Marketing/Advertising, Sales, Administrative infrastructures, Employee matters, Customer satisfaction and care, and so much more! 

Package Price: $2400 for 12 Bi-Weekly Sessions

Click here to make 6 payments of $400 each