MoneySmart Momentum Program

MoneySmart Momentum Program 1

With this program, we will work together every two weeks to keep you motivated and to create intentional financial and personal breakthroughs in order to establish predictable and sustainable growth for your business. You will be able to remain more focused and action based no matter what gets thrown at you.  During our time together, we will address any area of concern so that you get exactly what you need when you need it.  Our goal will be to get you more confident in your abilities so that you can respond more quickly as things arise.  Uncertainty and doubt undermine our ability to act which can cost us money but more importantly robs us of time, effectiveness and our sense of well being.    

What you’ll get:

  • Training and Coaching: 12 sessions, every-other-week, over 6 months to grow your business.
  • Topics can include: Marketing/Advertising, Sales, Administrative infrastructures, Employee matters, Customer satisfaction and care, Time management and productivity, and Financial infrastructures and skills

Package Price: $2400 for 12 Bi-Weekly Sessions

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MoneySmart Momentum Program 2

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