Accelerated MoneySmart Financial Game Plan

Accelerated MoneySmart Financial Game Plan 1

You’re a smart, ambitious, motivated business owner who has gotten clear on the value of your time. You know too that having a plan in place unlocks the power and potential of action. In fact, you know that when you have focus, your energy and attention to getting things done makes you unstoppable.  

The Accelerated MoneySmart Financial Game Plan package is designed for someone exactly like you! Someone who wants to unleash the potential of their business and wants to use the power of intentional action to fast track results.  When it comes to taking your business to the next level, you’re going to get very excited when you see that knowing how to make your first $1, is only the beginning to knowing how to make $100,000. 

If you’re wondering if this is something you need, then I have a question for you… If you continue doing what you’ve always done, will it be enough? 

Do you need to up your game? Perfect because this is where I can help!  I’d love to show you how you can level up your financial game and skyrocket your income in the shortest amount of time possible.**

My proven 3-step process Assess, Design, & Implement is a fast-acting, innovative strategy that has been 100% effective at producing immediate breakthroughs and extraordinary results for my clients. 

You’re going to love this strategic, very intentional way of getting results. 

The sign up link is below.  Make today the day you get started! 

** I’ve had multiple clients who produced results in less than 4 weeks.  The possibilities are endless when you have a game plan supported by action and a coach who knows the game.

assess design implement Accelerated MoneySmart Financial Game Plan

For most business owners, power and money are no longer the measurements of success.  Personal well-being, making a difference, quality relationships and personal growth are now the standard for having a life you love.  But… as a business owner you know all too well that making money is still a big part of what it takes to have a business you love.  It’s your turn. Stop swimming against the tide and take your business to the next level… in 90 days (or less)!.. 

Accelerated MoneySmart Financial Game Plan 2

This will be your reality check. In our very first session, we will assess the financial health of your business along with the issues and challenges you are facing. While you may find this first part a bit uncomfortable, I know you will get super excited by the second part. The part where we get real about the kinds of results you would like to create that will be based on your personal goals, priorities and definition of success.  Don’t worry if you’re not sure how we will do that.  This is my area of genius and I have mastery-level skills. I’ve got you!

Accelerated MoneySmart Financial Game Plan 3

Over the next couple of sessions, we will create an action plan customized for you.  Simple systems and timeless fundamentals support profitable businesses and even small changes are surprisingly effective.  We will identify the resources you already have in place, get clear on your needs and priorities and then figure out what your next best steps are going to be that will support your goals and dreams.  This is something you already know: If you’re playing small… you’re playing the wrong game.  

Accelerated MoneySmart Financial Game Plan 4

The next part is pretty darn easy… you will simply get started taking focused action!  Our intentions govern everything we do.  I know you can do this. You’re smart, ambitious and hard working. Now it’s time to take what you already know how to do and use it to achieve your goals faster (and easier) than you thought was possible.  I’ve been building systems and infrastructures and providing support for successful business owners for more than 30 years.  Now it’s your turn. Your plan for fast-tracking your business growth is guaranteed to do exactly what it is designed to do… produce results. 

“You’ve opened so many doors for me already and I’m so excited to be on this extraordinary path with you!  You’re a game-changer and an amazing woman and I’m so grateful to have you on my side showing me the way!”

~  Christa

Accelerated MoneySmart Financial Game Plan 5

Package Price: $1,497

The Accelerated MoneySmart Financial Game plan includes:

6 scheduled consulting, coaching and training sessions (2/month);

And access to my on-demand training modules of The 20 Minute CFO

This opportunity has been developed for motivated, purpose-driven, high-achievers like you. It is yours for the taking and it would my honor to help you increase your income, create a profitable and easy to run business that has sustainable momentum that will by design support the lifestyle of your choice. 

You already know how to make $1. Once you know how to use my proven 3-step process Assess, Design, & Implement, you can make $100,000… and more!

Discover why my clients keep coming back for more! 

My 3-step Assess, Design, & Implement works! I’ve had clients who wanted to make more money.  I’ve had clients who wanted to make money and take back their time.  And… I’ve had clients who simply wanted to love being a business owner again.  My purpose is to help you have a business and a life you love!

Isn’t it time you let what you value determine your choices?