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The heart of your business is your why;

The head of your business is management;

The hand of your business is marketing and sales;

The lifeblood of your business is money;

If any of these parts are missing, your business is unsustainable.

I share “real world” business expertise and savvy in an easy to understand way that helps business owners develop their skills and implement the strategies they need to create successful businesses.  My goal is to inspire and support entrepreneurs in the pursuit of their goals and in having a life they love.  As a business consultant in San Luis Obispo I know that successful businesses provide more than just an income for the owner, they create jobs and provide many other benefits to their communities.  I provide guidance, coaching, and training for business owners who are committed to the health of their businesses, who are seeking financial freedom and who want to have the gift of time to be with those they care most about and to give back to others.

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Do you have a dream for your business?  Can you see the results you want to produce but don’t know how to get there?  Learn about the smartest thing I ever did for my business in my eBook, “Business Growth Strategies,” along with how to turn that dream into reality. 

Why Work with a Business Growth Expert?

Grow the Business You Want

Growing a business takes knowledge and action. Most entrepreneurs create a business out of passion, but not as many have the skills and training they need to succeed. I believe everyone can have a successful business they love. You have the passion for it, let me help you with the knowledge and tools to succeed!

Generate Revenue

Revenue generation is a critical piece for startups and small businesses. Not every business owner wants to be rich, but they all need stable revenue generation in order to grow and thrive. When you work with me as your business growth expert, we will take a hard look at what's holding you back.

See Results

All of my clients see results within their first year of working with me. This is so critical for startups and small businesses. According to several sources, approximately half of small businesses fail within the first five years. Every day matters, so start working with a business growth expert today!

What my clients are saying:

“Lorna’s advantage over any similar financial coach is that she is so very patient, knowledgeable and approachable. I used Lorna to help me get started with QuickBooks for my small business. She helped me ‘unlearn’ a few things, then got me started on the most effective way to us it for my business. She responds to questions (both in person and virtually) very thoroughly and always with an offer to go into more detail if requested. I recommend that you call Lorna now to have a discussion about how she can help your business.”
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Carol Chenot
“Lorna provided me with the structure and organization that is necessary when planning to start your own business. When I first conceived my business idea and made the decision to go for it, my knowledge and understanding of all that would be involved and the different steps needed was a jumbled mess in my brain. There is a lot of information out there that you can google. But there is not one website that structures and breaks everything down in a way that feels achievable the way that Lorna did. I went into that first meeting not knowing what a business plan was or even what my long term vision was. Lorna addresses all of these details that are crucial in the success of any type of business. Because of her experience, knowledge, and guidance, my business started off without a hitch. My company has now been in business for only one year, and I am already making plans for growth and expansion that I didn’t think would be possible until my 5th year. I highly recommend consulting with Lorna before making any sort of business endeavor. It will be the best business decision you ever made.”
business success testimonial
Renee Periat
Androgynous Fox

Downloadable Resources from Lorna:

Free 5-Page Business Plan Guide

Create your own business plan with this easy guide.  Build a business plan that covers leadership, marketing, operations, and financials in just 5 pages!

Free Income Calculator

Do you know how much you need to make with your business in a year, month, week, or day?  Find out with this free income calculator!

Free Financial Summary Worksheet

Knowing your financial floor is powerful.  Download this free worksheet to guide you through your expenses as your own personal map to success!

Free Guide to Tame a Paper Monster

Do you have a paper monster living in your office?  Are you being stopped by the uncertainty of what to keep and what to toss?  Don’t be!