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What do you REALLY WANT out of Business Growth?

It can be so easy to express what we don’t like and what we don’t want for ourselves and our businesses.  But surprisingly, it can be surprisingly difficult to do the opposite and express what we do want.  It might be that we don’t want the world to think any differently of us for wanting something, or it might be that no one ever really asked us the question.

So, what do you REALLY want out of your business growth?


Everyone is afraid to say they want more money out of their business’ growth.  There are so many societal pressures against wanting money, or wanting more money.  If making more money with your business doesn’t involve harming anyone else (except for maybe dominating your competitor), then what’s the problem?  It isn’t greed to want business growth with the goal of making more money.  Most of the business owners I talk to want to make more money so that they can spend more time with their families or give back more to their communities and neither of these are something to be ashamed of. 


I believe there are 4 Ds behind people starting a small business: Desperation, Dissatisfaction, DIY, and Disability.  And they all relate to freedom.  For some, it’s the freedom to not be part of the 8-5 crowd, or the freedom to not have a boss you loathe, or it might just be the freedom to put your idea (and not someone else’s) into the world that you believe will benefit others.  Often starting a business and the desire for business growth comes down to a desire for more freedom to do what you want. 


Many entrepreneurs have what’s referred to as an entrepreneurial spirit.  This is often described as an internal motivation driven by desire.  But a desire for what?  Well, that varies from business to business, but overall, they are seeking satisfaction.  Satisfaction can come in many forms, which also varies from person to person, so the satisfaction found is a very personal thing.  However, all entrepreneurs share this need for satisfaction.  For some, it might be in giving back to a cause they care about (have you seen my daughter’s design for a neonatal kitten simulator? – perfect example!). For others it can be the satisfaction of making something from scratch, working in an environmentally friendly way, becoming an industry leader, building a tribe, being recognized, inspiring others…  The list can go on forever. 

Lifting others. 

Not ever small business is a solo-venture.  Small businesses employ 47.5% of the nation’s total employee workforce!  I was recently at a restaurant where the owner’s 10-year-old son was learning the family business.  His mother kept a sharp eye on him to provide exceptional customer service (did I tell you he was only 10?!?), but ultimately, she was grooming him to run the business as it is his family’s legacy.  Their small business is something they want to benefit the next generation, and the next, and the next.  When it isn’t our own family we are lifting up, it can be our dedicated team who represents our second family.  Many small business owners seek business growth to provide better benefits to their employees beyond the minimums required by law and give them a steady source of income.  Look around you.  Can you see the many business owners who are out there making a difference for others?

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What do you really want out of Business Growth?

There are many other reasons to seek business growth.  Some of them may feel self-serving which can make them hard to express, but the truth is that there is no shame in wanting a healthy, viable business.  You don’t have to be stuck playing small! 

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Lorna Whiteaker

Lorna Whiteaker is a San Luis Obispo business consultant and coach dedicated to helping business owners get the results they want. Lorna has over 30 years of experience working with small businesses, working as an administrator in the legal industry and as an independent business consultant helping hundreds of entrepreneurs. With clear and realistic expectations of just what a business owner must deal with in running their business, big or small, she has worked with firms making 7 figures and start-ups with little more than elbow grease and a dream.