The 5-Page Business Plan 1

The 5-Page Business Plan

Why are entrepreneurs so afraid of writing a business plan? They are easy to do and they pack a powerful punch.  Bet you’re thinking “I don’t really need one. I know what I want to do.”  But my experience is that unless you have been a business owner for a very long time the chances are you don’t.  Do you really know who your customers are?  Do you know if your pricing is right?

It’s like driving out of town to a place you have never been before.  You have general idea of the way to get there but the exact interchange and offramp are less clear. If you get lost, it will be frustrating, take you more time and ultimately be way more work. I was lost in downtown San Francisco for two hours because of an earthquake a few weeks before and the offramp I was going to take was barricaded. I had not planned to cross San Francisco and it was exhausting and the stuff of which still causes me nightmares.

While you can’t plan for everything that might happen, when you have a clear picture of how you will get from here to there you will be better prepared to solve problems and it will be so much easier.  You will be so very glad you took the time to do a little planning. 

Business Plans are a vital step in starting a business, running a business, and growing a business. Why? Business Plans are your roadmap. It keeps you going forward, on the right path, and smooths things out along the way and if you need to ask directions you will be able to find just the right someone to help along the way. 

Not taking this action will hurt your business! And writing a business plan is EASY!

It’s so easy that I am giving my 5-Page Business Plan away for free! Learn how to make a quick and easy business plan in just 5 pages with this simple guide for entrepreneurs.  Answer each outlined item as a new bullet point in your business plan and you’ll be finished in no time!  Really – 5 pages are all you need!

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