Business Plans are a vital step in starting a business, running a business, and growing a business. Why? Business Plans are the tracks you will run the train of your business on. It keeps you going forward, on the right path, and smooths things out along the way. But many business owners skip making a business plan.

The most common reason to write a business plan is to request funding. Banks and other business lenders will typically not even give you a meeting to discuss options without receiving and reviewing your business plan. What I see as a business consultant is the businesses who do not have a plan are the ones that do not plan to request a loan. Those that know they need a loan may have the intention of writing a business plan, but never finish it unless they have a planned meeting to discuss a loan.

Not taking this action will hurt your business! And writing a business plan is EASY!

It’s so easy that I am giving my 5-Page Business Plan away for free! Learn how to make a quick and easy business plan in just 5 pages with this simple guide for entrepreneurs.  Answer each outlined item as a new bullet point in your business plan and you’ll be finished in no time!  Really – 5 pages are all you need!

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