Business Growth

Lorna Whiteaker of MoneySmart Business Growth is a professional business consultant offering one-to-one services to business owners at all stages of their businesses growth and development cycles.  Startups in need of revenue, small businesses looking to hire their first employee, and corporations in need of redevelopment can all benefit from the financial success that comes with business growth.  As a business consultant, Lorna works with business owners to assess their skills and knowledge, understand their goals and dreams, and build practical action plans. 


Want your business to grow?




The majority of business owners have not had adequate training in business operations, goal setting, strategic planning, finance, and sustainability to grow and maintain a business.  Lorna Whiteaker works with her clients individually to discover their learning gaps in managing their business and offers training or connects them with training best suited to manage those critical issues.  Business owners interested in business growth do not need to be an expert in all aspects of their business and may wish to hire other experts in the fields of digital technology, marketing, accounting, and so on, but need to be aware of how these elements interact and how to oversee them.  As a business consultant, Lorna ensures her clients continue their own personal growth through learning to ensure the lifetime success of their business.  Often, the enlightenment that comes with just a little bit of new knowledge is what starts the growth cycle for a business.

Get Going (Action)

Implementing new knowledge is the next step in business growth and on the path to seeing results.  Lorna creates sensible action plans with her clients that start with their goals, hopes, and dreams in mind.  Small business owners may seek an action plan aimed at giving them more time with their family to balance their business life with their family life, while others may be looking for rapid business growth as a startup to quit working as an employee and begin working at their business full time.  With all business owners, Lorna works with them and their unique aspirations for an action plan that fulfills their needs
yet also builds the business into one that is profitable and sustainable.  Frequent  consulting appointments will involve homework based on the action plan to ensure business owners are taking action in an effective and timely manner.

Get Results

Lorna Whiteaker offers more than offering suggestions to business owners for growth strategies; she aids them in establishing measureable benchmarks to monitor their results.  Businesses that get the new knowledge they need and take action will be able to see the results of their hard work. 

  • Increased revenue
  • More time for family
  • Vacation time
  • More clients
  • Hiring employees
  • Sustainability
  • Love your business!

Get Growth

Are you ready to grow your business?  Hiring Lorna Whiteaker as your business consultant is the MoneySmart way to go!  Uncover what’s holding back your business growth and reach new revenue potentials – contact Lorna today!

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