Here is a past email newsletter from 2/7/2018, “The TWO Things Every Business Must Have!”

Have you overlooked this vital piece for your business?
The TWO Things Every Business Must Have! 1
The TWO Things Every Business Must Have! 2

Two vital components EVERY business must have.

I believe you already know the first oneIt’s an easy one – your business needs CUSTOMERS.  If you don’t have customers, you don’t have sales and no sales means no MONEY.  End of story. You’re done.

However, many business owners fail to even notice that this other piece is missing.  Since they clearly know what it is they do or sell, they mistakenly believe everyone else knows too.  This is not always true and as a result many prospective sales simply slip away without a whisper.

By way of example, if I were to introduce you to a yoga instructor and told you they teach in the Yin Yoga style would you even know what I was talking about?  How about Sivananda Yoga?  Or Jivamukti Yoga?  Some of you reading this might know (I didn’t until I looked them up).  What makes one different than another?  More importantly, why would I choose one style over another?  I need to know not only what the distinctions are between each of them but want to know what’s in it for me.  How it will benefit me and meet my objectives.

So are you certain your audience KNOWS with clarity and certainty what your business service or product is and how it benefits them?  Also vital, are they aware that much of the value and benefit they will get from doing business with you is …YOU?  You are unique.  Your style, commitment, compassion, vision, all of it, make what you do for others irreplaceable.  Bad news here is that if it is not, they will replace you.

Be sure you market with purpose and intention to reach your audience.  Be creative, strategic and consistent.  And, be sure that your audience also knows what you do and what’s in it for them. If you are not sure, ASK THEM.  Let them know that not only does your product or service get them what they are looking for but that you keep your agreements.  Let integrity be your brand.  Today’s consumers are looking for value, lasting benefit and they are looking to do business with those they like and trust.

Today’s consumers are smart, savvy and dissatisfied by disposable, low quality goods and services that fail to deliver as promised.  If we look at the first rule of why businesses succeed and thrive (i.e., better before cheaper), this is exactly the VALUE CONVERSATION we must have if we are going to provide our services or goods for any other reason but the lowest price.
Success is intentional.
Knowledge + Action = Results

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