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Small business consulting is Lorna’s favorite!  There is nothing as rewarding as  helping a small business grow and succeed as they are most often started from the dream of the owner.  Small businesses often struggle to balance finances, time with family, rules and regulations, and simply the unknown. This is possibly why so many small businesses fail within their first year.  Hiring a small business consultant is an excellent way to protect your business from becoming one of these failure statistics.

The benefits of hiring a small business consultant:

  • Having an expert in your corner!
  • Learn the most common failure points for small businesses and avoid them!
  • Gain financial literacy to read the numbers behind your business!
  • Develop a revenue strategy that works!
  • See your business grow! 

Small business consulting services

With Lorna Whiteaker as your business consultant, you’ll receive weekly or monthly one-to-one sessions to discuss your business efforts,
identify the weaknesses within your business, look at the numbers driving sales, reveal the vision statement motivating your passion, and create an
action plan to grow your small business into one that supports the lifestyle you want! 

Small business consulting services are always unique to the needs of each business.  Business owners that are “in it to win it” will often want rapid business growth from their small business with frequent communication via email or over the phone in addition to regular consulting meetings. Solo-entrepreneurs (or “solo-preneurs”) may desire changes to their business to give them more time with their loved ones without sacrificing revenue.  However, all small businesses
will start with:

Client Discovery: 3 Hours

The first consulting appointment with Lorna will be your Client Discovery session.  Please have a profit and loss statement (PnL) if you have one, and copies
from your past three months of bank and credit card statements.  If you have a Business Plan, have this available, too. 

After completing a Client Discovery session, small business owners can move on to regularly scheduled consulting.  Small business consulting will start with
development of the vision statement, uncovering the financial floor of the business (and business owner), and an action plan.

Follow-up Coaching: 1-2 Hours Each, Monthly or Bi-Monthly

Once an Action Plan has been created, Follow-up Coaching sessions will be scheduled every 1-4 weeks to check-in on homework, growth, and learning.  Business owners who take action and complete their assignments are the ones who see more success, faster.   Remember that Lorna’s job is to offer you guidance and aid in your discovery on your path to business success.  Consulting services impart information, but you are ultimately the one stepping up and taking action.  Are you ready to move forward with your small business? 

Package: Accelerated MoneySmart Financial Game Plan

The Accelerated MoneySmart Financial Game Plan package is my most popular coaching package. You’ll gain 6 months of work in just 3 months! That’s why I call it my accelerated package.  Click here to learn more about my Accelerated MoneySmart Financial Game Plan package.  

Package: Mastering the MoneySmart Financial Game Plan

Gain intentional, sustainable growth for your business over 6 months with the Mastering the MoneySmart Financial Game Plan coaching package.  Click here to learn more about my Mastering the MoneySmart Financial Game Plan package.  

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Knowledge + Action = Results

Small businesses are the work of the inspired, but not all small businesses owners know what it takes to run a business beyond their unique passion and skill-set to make/do it.  As a part of small business consulting, Lorna works with the business owner directly to first find the gaps in knowledge.  For many small businesses, having a knowledgeable consultant to call with questions is a relief, but Lorna also takes the time to train small business owners about management, operations, strategy, financials, human resources, marketing, and sales.  Lorna’s years of experience keeps small businesses running and growing.