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Is your business simply not making you enough money and you need to find a solution?  Are you struggling with managing the financial health of your business and want to make it easier and more understandable?  Want to update your business savvy?


My signature systems and step-by-step approach will enable you to design and implement a revenue game plan for your business so that you can start making more money in 90 days or less.

The 20 Minute CFO is an online course dedicated to helping you know your numbers and grow your business.  

Is it time to stop trying to fly your business by the seat of your pants? To stop guessing? To start being able to pay yourself? To stop dreading tax season? The number one reason why small businesses fail is not that owners aren’t passionate about what they do, it is because they don’t understand their numbers and then don’t do anything about it.

The skills you need as the CFO of your small business are easier to learn than you have been told and once learned you will be more confident, have more clarity and discover that managing the financial piece of your business is EASIER than you ever thought possible.

Your mission – should you choose to accept it – is to dedicate just 1 hour a week to discover how you can implement the gold standard successful businesses use to design, create and operate profitable businesses.  This course reveals the 5 essential money paradigms that are key to success and so easy to implement any entrepreneur can do it so that in 6 weeks (or less) you will be able to confidently run your business, get better results, keep more money in your pocket and make your financial struggle a thing of the past. 

The 20 Minute CFO Method is the gold standard successful businesses use to design, create and operate profitable businesses.  The 5 Money Paradigms covered in this course will transform the way you run your business so you can start making more money today, building financial stability for tomorrow and laying the foundation for the financial freedom your business promised to deliver. 

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What You’ll Get:

  • 5 Modules covering the 5 Money Paradigms in 11 on-demand lessons you can take at your own pace.

  • Results!  You will get the know-how you need to be able to start making more money today and take back your time. You will have less worry and can confidently run your business by the numbers. You will have the tools you need to put into play a financial game plan that will make every minute you spend on your business more profitable and effective. You will get the keys that will make it easier than you thought would be possible to having it all… more money, more time, and a business and life you love.

The 5 Money Paradigms are:   

MONEY PARADIGM #1:  The Rules of Engagement:  Discover how the universal Rules of Profitability applied to proven revenue strategies deliver better results… immediately.  

MONEY PARADIGM #2:  Garbage in – Garbage Out:   Unlock the power of running your business “by the numbers” with the 6 building blocks of accounting and confidently become the CFO of your business. 

MONEY PARADIGM #3: Make “tax worry” a thing of the past!  Keep more money in your pocket with actionable strategies based on the fundamental elements of taxation.  

MONEY PARADIGM #4:  Your Blueprint for Success:  Quickly transform your business into a money-making engine by utilizing proven best practices, methods and systems that support income and profitability. 

MONEY PARADIGM #5: Success is not an event, it’s a result.  Now comes the really fun part!  Design a financial game plan for your business so you can easily and confidently manage the financial health of your business and achieve the kinds of results you always dreamed of but never thought were going to happen for you.    

“Every small business owner should know their numbers and Lorna is a very person to learn from because she explains how and why the numbers are important in a way anyone can understand. I highly recommend Lorna for any QuickBooks questions you have.”
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Mike Stewart
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"Lorna is great. She is always patient and has shown me how to keep my records in a simple, straightforward way. She taught me the ABC’s of bookkeeping and helps me by keeping my money and business on track."
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Jim DeLaby, PGA
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