Financial training will help you uncover the simple steps and habits that support success and profitability with your business to make more money. Financial training as a business owner will change your entire experience with business revenue and income and allow you to approach the financial health of your business differently.

Building Smart Financial Habits

san luis obispo business coachWhy do so many people make the same New Year’s resolution year after year?  Because getting up an hour earlier to go for a jog takes more than just willpower, it takes habit building.  Building a habit is a lot like building a muscle – you have to exercise it again and again before it really develops and becomes strong. Think about how much longer it takes to build muscle memory – building a habit that is as easy and routine for your body and lifestyle as driving a car or riding a bicycle takes time.  As a small business coach and money management specialist in San Luis Obispo, I teach my clients techniques to help them build effective financial habits.  These techniques will aid you as you build the habits and develop the muscle memory to do it day after day without even thinking about it. (more…)

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